Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Not yet morning in America

You will all have to forgive me, but I’m not celebrating yet. You see, he is President elect Obama. We have two months until he becomes President. And that scares the shit out of me. The negative campaign that capitalized on division and hatred has it’s true believers seething mad. Racist fascist right-wing fundamentalist assholes are waking up pissed off all over America and all over the world. So excuse me if I wait to cry and dance until inauguration day. I don’t think this President will make it. But that’s my life experience talking; calamity is around every corner in my world. I thought there was room in my heart for hope when it came to Obama, but I guess not. I’m just afraid this morning, and that makes me sad. No joy, not even in this.


Bill Wonch said...

You might be right...tragedy could be hiding right around the corner. But take a moment to consider what last night means.

In terms of race and ethnicity, in terms of equality, we've passed a major barrier. If a black man named Barack Hussein Obama can be President Elect of the US, when two generations ago black people were second class citizens, that makes last night a victory.

If the Democrats, who 4 years ago couldn't beat a President running an unpopular war in a very divided country, can bring together a coalition of new voters, independents, young and old alike and trounce the far right of our country, that's a victory.

As you know, I'm by no means a Democrat. I've been a registered Independent since I could vote (aside from a brief stint while I was in Iowa during the caucuses), but last night we made great strides forward as a country. We rejected the ignorance of the Christian Right, we rejected the foreign policy of the neo-conservatives, and we, as a country determined that we would rather look forward with hope than with fear.

We have so much to celebrate right now. Quit being Debbie Downer and take some pleasure in this.

caitsmom said...

As always, I think you have a right to feel how you feel. So, if fear and sadness is your response, you get to have that. The thing about emotions is they are transient, and you may find hope later or not. As a fellow bereaved mother, I balk at those who dare to tell me how to feel about anything for any reason. The death of our children changes our world view forever, and I respect how this may have transformed you. ((((hugs))) Be gentle with yourself.

John Ferric said...

Yes, but!!!
Consider the numbers who voted for Obama, they can't kill all of us. The critical question is: can changes be made to this system that demonstrate its concern for citizens, as opposed to big corporations? As has been pretty well demonstrated it is difficult, if not impossible, to legislate morality. It is not so much legistation that is needed, but moral leadership. The issue is simply defined thus: it is easy to change the law, but how does one change the culture that allows such hate and bitterness to fester? So we need to look to ourselves, as much as to our leaders in government.