Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Pics of Myles

It's been seven weeks since I lost my precious Myles, and for the first time today I got to see the pictures taken by the photographer. They bring so many mixed emotions, everything seems to these days, but the overpowering emotion they have brought to me is pride. So now I'm just excited to be a gloating mom and show off my baby.

Here they are:

I also want to take this opportunity to talk about stillbirth awareness, or sudden antenatal death syndrom (SADS). I was amazed to discover it is 10 times more common than SIDS, and the number of babies that die of SADS rivals that of breast cancer deaths a year (30,000). Yet it is such a taboo topic, it just doesn't seem to get the press.

One forum I've been on a lot recently is MISS, it's a great community of mourning parents, but also a place for social action. I'm currently working on getting a MISSing Angels bill passed in Nebraska (working the unicameral) which would give certificates of birth resulting in stillbirth to parents. I first heard about it on NPR long before I ever had Myles. Anyway, there has been some pretty recent press coverage of these bills, unfortunately it tends to get embroiled in the abortion debate. Pretty frustrating for somebody as pro-choice as I am as the intent and texts of these bills are all about giving mother's choices.


Teri McClain said...

To say your children are beautiful is an understatement! I can't say that I know what your going through, because I have not suffered a loss such as yours. However, I am a parent, and I understand the love and bond that is there. I hate to give advice, so I'll just say that I hope you find a way to work through your pain, and that you are surrounded with love and compassion, and find peace and strength!

You might find this book comforting by the Dalai Lama




thank you for sharing

Lisa b said...

oh he is beautiful.
A friend of mine does these shots for parents. What a wonderful gift.

I am so saddened that having a birth certificate issued for your son could be used as a political weapon.