Saturday, February 9, 2008

Questions from Simone

My daughter asked me the other night when we were laying in bed together, 'when Myles was dying, was he hurting'. I told her 'no'. I told her he just went to sleep and that was it. But it bothers me because I've wondered that on many a miserable night, and it hurts me to know that she has wondered that too. Because it feels really bad to wonder that. It also hurts me to lie to her, when I don't actually know. I don't like lying to my daughter, but I also have a responsibility to reassure her and make her feel safe. It just hurts me to have so many doubts, but to act as if I have none, because I am afraid everyday that I will lose her too. Just yesterday, my DH had her and he wasn't answering his phone and I just freaked out.

After she asked me about Myles hurting, she said, "Mommy, can't you just try to have another baby, just try, try, Mommy?". I wish I could just snap my fingers and be pregnant, and she wants another sibling so bad, but you can't just have babies willie nillie (not in my world). They take planning, and I can't even wrap my brain around all that right now. I don't think I could financially work in another baby until next Fall, maybe start ttc in August or September. It makes me sad for her. She's waited for so long. She loves babies so much. And she will already be almost six by then, which isn't terrible, but I wanted my children to be closer in age. Her and Myles, that was perfect to me. Four years, we joked around about him having crushes on all of her friends, and her getting him into trouble when she was 21 and he was 17. So many dreams, so lost.

It's hard navigating this with my DD at the age she is. She's old enough to understand some things but not others, and I think as she grows she'll understand more, and also mourn more. I feel like it won't really hit her until she is 7 or 8 or 9 or if we are ever to have another baby maybe then (there are no guarantees that we will though, I know that too well).

I just wish I knew what she was thinking. When we were at Myles graveside service, the pastor asked if anyone wanted to say anything, I expected nothing, when my daughter belted out 'I do', I was so surprised. She stood up, said we will always miss you Myles and put a flower on his coffin. Totally and completely spontaneous. I'll never forget it so long as I live. She took everyone's breath away. Her courage and love, she didn't think twice. She had something to say, and she was going to say it, LOL.

I love her so much, it hurts my heart so much that she has to go through this. The second I knew Myles was gone, I just started sobbing, 'what am I going to tell Simone, she was so excited, so excited'. I repeated it over and over with so much anguish. And she was, just SOOOO excited. I hurt so bad to let my daughter down like that. I feel like I failed her.


Coggy said...

That would have broken my heart to see your DD do that at Myles' funeral. It must be hard to watch her figuring all this out for herself.
Wouldn't it be nice if we could just try, try really hard and we'd just be pregnant. It's too bad that things like money and common sense have to come in the way of what we want to do.
I hope you have a little brother or sister for DD in the not too distant future. She sounds like she would make one hell of a sister.

anarchist mom said...

It made an impact on everyone who was there, hell, that's the only thing I remember. I don't even remember what the pastor said. She is one of hell of a big sister, even now, and I hope she'll get her chance someday soon!!!!! Thank you.

anarchist mom said...

this is a post from Julia, I believe the blog is (I won't fear love). It pertains a lot.

My daughter was so excited, and we fueled it without regard. I don't know if I regret it or not, getting her hopes up so. My BF had a baby the other day, and Simone confided to me in the car that she just wanted to take it home with us, sigh. She really earned a little bro, she sacrificed so much. I wish she had gotten her wish. She is a wonderful big sister, taking care of us though we grieve so deeply every day. I wish she could be a big sis in the way I had imagined, but I am no less proud.